Mike She

Wikipedia sais:

MIKE SHE is an integrated hydrological modelling system for building and simulating surface water flow and groundwater flow. MIKE SHE can simulate the entire land phase of the hydrologic cycle and allows components to be used independently and customized to local needs. MIKE SHE emerged from System Hydrologique European (SHE) as developed and extensively applied since 1977 onwards by a consortium of three European organizations: the Institute of Hydrology (the United Kingdom), SOGREAH (France) and DHI Water.Environment.Health(Denmark). Then DHI has continuously put effort in development and research on MIKE SHE. MIKE SHE can be used for the analysis, planning and management of a wide range of water resources and environmental problems related to surface water and groundwater, especially surface water impact from groundwater withdrawal, conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water, wetland management and restoration, river basin management and planning, impact studies for changes in land use and climate.