E-mail from Riccardo Rigon:

I am bringing your attention also to the efforts we are making around the JGrass-NewAGE system which was built upon the GIS udig/JGrass (http://www.jgrass.org) and the guidelines you can find at: http://www.slideshare.net/GEOFRAMEcafe/geoframe-a-system-for-doing-hydrology-by-computer

OpenMI vs OMS

Recently, we actually moved from the original OpenMI 1.4 modeling system to the less invasive Object modeling system (OMS) v 3. The product of this move are the components one can find in the jgrasstools (http://www.jgrasstools.org).


We also have a different approach to the problem which was implementing and using the GEOtop model (http://www.geotop.org).
All of these models, and the infrastructure, are open source, LGPL v3 and GPL v2, and such will remain.


JGrass is built around Java and is portable on any plarform that have a Java Machine. Geopaparazzi, the survey tool developed by my former students of Hydrologis works on Android cellular phones. GEOtop is written in C, and will have an interface to JGrass. In the future, I plan to have all the models written in whatever language but connected with OMS3 (as you can envision here: http://code.google.com/p/jgrass/wiki/jgrass4udig).

Saint-Venant equations

In JGrass-NewAGE there is a 1D integrator of the the Saint-Venant equation, indeed. Not actually very well documented but based on solid theory (actually of my colleague Vincenzo Casulli), and that we could compare successfully with other software (e.g. HEC-RAS).
A gimpse of it can be found somewhere here:


Unfortunately JGrass-NewAge is under a revision, and therefore we stopped the writing of manuals. However, everything is very well commentes in the source code.